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Streamline your analog, mixed-signal & RF design migration process with Thalia’s unique and comprehensive solution – AMALIA.

Why Thalia?

Thalia is dedicated exclusively to providing design migration and development solutions for analog, mixed-signal and RF IP. Through our AMALIA IP reuse software suite, we offer a unique blend of automation and AI-enhanced tools that dramatically cut design cycle time and operational costs. We enable semiconductor companies to quickly adapt existing IPs to evolving market demands and technologies.

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Achieve unmatched agility and cost-efficiency in your IP design and development process with AMALIA.

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Accelerate time-to-market

Streamline product design & reach markets faster using advanced technology & design efficiency.

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Save money

Save costs on lengthy & manual processes for a faster Return on Investment.

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Optimize your resources

Maximize your resources & internal skills without compromising on innovation.

AMALIA IP reuse software

Experience the future of design migration with the only comprehensive software solution that addresses all areas of analog, mixed-signal and RF IP design. Design iterations, cycle times and operational costs are significantly reduced enabling you to secure competitive advantage with a faster time-to-market for new and expanded product ranges. IP houses, Tier 1 players and foundries can leverage the platform to reuse and diversify their product ranges quickly thanks to AMALIA’s AI and ML capabilities that deliver outstanding efficiencies in the analysis, design and verification stages of IP reuse.

How can we help you?

Discover how our unique approach to analog, mixed-signal and RF IP design migration can transform your product development cycle’s agility and cost-effectiveness.

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Streamline IP creation, amplify market reach

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Fast-track innovation, from concept to market

Latest testimonials

Thalia helps us to deliver exactly the right feature and performance combination for our customers, against demanding time-to-market and cost requirements. Thalia’s combination of novel design automation technology and analog design expertise is unique in the market: we’ve already seen a positive impact on our ability to deliver against tight customer deadlines

Kave Kianush, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Catena
Our case study — Rapid Tier1 to Tier2 migration analysis for 13 PMIPs facilitates second sourcing approach

See how our customers are innovating with AMALIA

Rapid Tier1 to Tier2 migration analysis for 13 PMIPs facilitates second sourcing approach

Thalia’s partnership with a leading IP company to evaluate the potential migration of 13 Power Management IPs (PMIPs) from Tier1 to Tier2 40nm CMOS technology has set new benchmarks in pre-migration planning efficiency with a 75% reduction in time against a standard manual analysis.