accelerating analog, mixed-signal and RF IP design migration

Amalia suite

Streamline design migration, fast-track IP portfolio growth


Trying to decide whether to invest in new product development or adapt your existing IPs to new technologies and nodes? With AMALIA, you can do both.

AMALIA is Thalia’s comprehensive IP reuse software suite for accelerating analog, mixed-signal and RF IP design migration. Leveraging automation and AI/ML capabilities, it drastically reduces the complexity, cost and time traditionally associated with migrating and optimizing existing applications.

Use AMALIA to cost-effectively and efficiently migrate IPs to new technologies while simultaneously focusing on new product development. By using its four specialist tools—Technology Analyzer, Circuit Porting, Design Enabler, and Layout Automation—you can drastically reduce design cycle time, lower operational costs, and secure a competitive advantage in a demanding market.

Key benefits of using AMALIA

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Speed &

Significantly shortens design cycle time, enabling faster product launches and quicker revenue realization.

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Alleviates the pressure on internal resources, letting your teams focus on innovation and new product development.

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Decisions backed
by data

Enables rapid, data-driven choices about the adoption of new technology nodes, and the identification of alternatives, making business choices more informed.

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Business continuity
and adaptability

Helps navigate supply chain challenges and migration between different process technologies to adapt to new market or regulatory requirements efficiently.

AMALIA tools

Use cases

RF Transceiver Tech Analysis for Broadband and IoT Markets

A leading semiconductor company needed to assess the feasibility of migrating its RF Transceiver IP from 40nm to 22nm.

Audio SoC Optimization for Ultra-Low Power Mobile Applications

A customer faced the challenge of lowering power consumption during the migration of a Whisper Trigger Amplifier to a Tier 1 55nm process.

WiFi IP Design Migration to 28nm Process

A customer sought to migrate a WiFi IP design to a 28nm process, specifically focusing on the phase locked loop (PLL), a key component in wireless communications.

Tailoring AMALIA to your needs

  • The AMALIA suite is designed for flexibility, allowing you to use its components either individually or together to provide a complete end-to-end IP design migration solution.
  • The tools within the suite are engineered to complement each other, offering a streamlined workflow from technology analysis to layout automation.

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Whether you require a comprehensive, end-to-end solution or prefer a more autonomous approach, we are committed to identifying the most suitable partnership model to meet your specific needs.

AMALIA tools

Technology Analyzer

Circuit Porting

Layout Automation

Design Enabler