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Design Enabler

Streamline design centering and enhance performance

Centering analog, mixed-signal and RF IP designs post-migration is essential when the initial technology analysis and porting do not fully satisfy design constraints.

Following the outputs from Circuit Porting, AMALIA Design Enabler (DE) uses AI to fine-tune IP designs by making targeted adjustments that enhance performance and compliance.

DE streamlines the critical process of aligning migrated IP designs with the constraints of their new environments, saving up to 50% in resources and design time compared to a manual approach.

Key benefits

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AI-driven design centering

Employs advanced AI algorithms to quickly identify and adjust critical devices, reducing time-to-optimization.

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Performance-focused solutions

Provides centered design solutions that meet user-defined performance goals and operating conditions.

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Interactive customization

Fully interactive process allows for the prioritization of design goals such as power and area.

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Multi-testbench capability

Supports simultaneous centering of multiple testbenches, enhancing the optimization process.


  • Intuitive and advanced algorithms: Integrates designer knowledge with sophisticated AI to deliver multiple optimized solutions.
  • Interactive setup: Familiar EDA tools for interactive design setup, allowing the incorporation of user constraints.
  • Comprehensive PVT analysis: Accounts for all PVT corners in the design centering process, ensuring robust performance.
  • Focused device adjustment: Automatically identifies mission-critical devices to streamline the layout adjustment process.
  • Schematic solution visualization: Select and view the best design solutions directly in the schematic for informed decision-making.

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Case study — Migration of a Whisper Trigger Amplifier

Design Enabler in action

Migration of a Whisper Trigger Amplifier

Rapid migration with Thalia Design Enabler reduces customer’s power requirements and retains design slot.

In this case study we describe how the AMALIA Design Enabler overcame design complexities to deliver power improvements in an audio SoC designed for ultra-low power mobile applications.

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