Technology Analyzer

Streamline IP migration with
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Accurate and fast process technology analysis

Navigating the complexities of analog, mixed-signal and RF IP design migration requires precision.

AMALIA Technology Analyzer (TA) delivers unmatched analysis, offering a clear view of device performance across different technologies. It identifies potential migration challenges early, enabling informed cost-effective decisions and efficient device selection. This tool uniquely automates the comparison of starting and target technologies, drastically reducing manual analysis and streamlining the migration process.

As the first tool in the AMALIA suite, TA sets the foundation for seamless progression to Circuit Porting (CP) and successful IP design migration.

Key benefits

Fast IP qualification

Rapid identification of compatibility issues, facilitated by integrated recognition modules, cuts down the time for IP adjustments.

Cost-efficient technology assessment

Early analysis of base and target technologies helps with selection of cost-effective nodes, optimizing project budgets.

Maintained design integrity

Modular functionality supports the original design’s performance, reducing the need for post-migration iterations.

Data-driven decisions

Enhanced by automatic testcase generation, Technology Analyzer provides a detailed comparison of technology similarities and differences, offering a strategic path for IP design migration.


  • Intuitive analysis interface: The intuitive GUI simplifies device characteristics extraction, enabling efficient analysis.
  • Industry-standard simulations: Uses standard simulators for precise device-level analysis, matching essential parameters such as Ft, Vth, and gm/Id.
  • Comprehensive reporting: Delivers detailed reports with color coding to highlight differences and waveform comparisons for each device.
  • Design-centric mapping: Goes beyond simple name/value matching, focusing on design-centric criteria for accurate IP migration.
  • Proactive issue identification: By defining IP reuse inputs early, the Technology Analyzer helps prevent potential migration issues and ensures device compliance with the target technology.

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Technology Analyzer in action

Analyzing Process Technology for 40nm to 22nm RF Transceiver IP Migration

Thalia successfully helped a leading fabless semiconductor company assess the viability of migrating their RF Transceiver IP from 40nm to 22nm in just four weeks, three times faster than the 12 weeks they had anticipated using a manual approach. Not only did this save them time and money, it also, more importantly, enabled a faster time to market for their new range.

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