Kavé Kianush

Advisory Board Member

Kavé Kianush studied electronics at the University of London, UK. He joined Philips Research Labs in Redhill, UK in 1982, where he worked on advanced modulation techniques and efficient transmitter architectures. In 1987, he moved to Philips Research Labs in Eindhoven, Netherlands, where he worked on novel receiver architectures.

From 1990 till the year 2000, he was working at Philips Semiconductors System Labs, where he was the Section Manager of the Radio Group. In 2000, Kavé left Philips to join Catena, an IC design-house based in Delft, Netherlands, where he was a shareholder, CTO and Vice president.

Over the following 12 years Kavé transformed the company’s business strategy by diversifying competencies and developing complete RF system IPs. Catena was acquired by NXP semiconductor in 2012 but remained a separate entity until 2020. Kavé stayed on as CTO and VP until July 2020, when NXP decided to integrate Catena. Since then he has been working as independent consultant and is advisory board member of several SME and startup semiconductor companies. Kavé has filed several patents and published technical papers in the fields of RF and wireless technologies.