Syed Ahmad

VP Product Development

Syed Ahmad is Vice President of Product Development at Thalia and oversees the company’s product strategy, planning and development efforts. With more than 20 years in the technology and telecom sectors, he has extensive product management experience and has taken B2B technology solutions and concepts for large enterprises and multi-national businesses from strategic planning stages through to development and delivery. His work has spanned both start-ups and multinationals in Europe and the USA. Syed’s approach aligns closely with Agile methodologies, especially in modern software and hardware development.

Before his role at Thalia, Syed held various leadership positions responsible for strategic planning, stakeholder management, and team coordination across departments such as R&D, Business Development, Sales, and Marketing. As a registered AgilePM Practitioner with a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering, Syed specializes in modularized architecture driven software development and translating complex technical issues to help facilitate the decision-making processes.