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AMALIA 24.1 releases with support for 12nm FinFET alongside major enhancements to its Circuit Porting and Technology Analyzer tools

Thalia, a leader in analog, mixed signal and RF IP design migration, today announced the release of AMALIA 24.1. This latest version of the company’s efficient IP reuse and migration platform includes the recently announced support for 12nm FinFET technology and Circuit Porting simulation comparisons. Also introduced in this update is a summary report within […]

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Thalia’s CEO, Sowmyan Rajagopalan, speaks to Design & Reuse’s Gabriele Saucier at IP-SoC Grenoble 2023

In this video, we bring you an exclusive interview from IP-SoC Grenoble 2023, where Thalia’s CEO, Sowmyan Rajagopalan explores the latest company news and milestones from Thalia: Interested in finding our more about Thalia’s AMALIA platform? AMALIA enables customers to capitalize on the latest in advanced process technology and accelerate time to market for new […]

Navigating the semiconductor industry in 2024 and beyond

An Interview with Sowmyan Rajagopalan, CEO of Thalia In this forward-looking discussion, Thalia’s CEO, Sowmyan Rajagopalan, delves into the semiconductor industry’s transformative trends and how Thalia’s AMALIA suite is a critical tool for semiconductor businesses looking to successfully navigate this dynamic landscape. Q: With rapid advancements, such as 2nm process technologies, how is the semiconductor […]

Thalia’s AMALIA qualified on 12nm FinFET technology

Thalia has announced the qualification of its AMALIA platform for 12nm FinFET technology, marking a significant step forward in analog, mixed-signal and RF IP design migration. This qualification enables customers to capitalize on the latest in advanced process technology and accelerate time to market for new products without compromising on cost and resource efficiency.   “FinFET […]

Process technology analysis: Navigating analog IP migration with precision

Analog design migration is a key enabler of innovation in the semiconductor market. It’s no longer just an engineering consideration however, it’s a strategic imperative for any company looking to bring new solutions to market and maintain a competitive edge. More recently, this approach has become even more critical as geopolitical factors introduce supply chain […]

Reducing design cycle time for semiconductor startups: The path from MVP to commercial viability

The journey from an initial concept to a market-ready product in the semiconductor industry is complex and resource-intensive. For startups and spinoffs particularly, evolving from a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to the commercially viable Proof of Market (PoM) stage, requires efficient and strategic use of technology and resources. The critical race to Proof of Market […]

Thalia’s AMALIA (23.4a) qualified on Siemens AFS for increased analog design migration flexibility

Thalia, a leader in analog design migration, today announced the release of AMALIA 23.4a. This latest version of the software suite significantly broadens its capabilities by integrating full support for Siemens AFS Simulator in its Technology Analyzer (TA), Circuit Porting (CP), and Design Enabler (DE) tools.   “AMALIA was built based around Cadence workflows”, explains Syed […]

The crucial role of second source management and IP reuse in the semiconductor landscape

The global semiconductor industry is witnessing rapid transformation, fuelled by an ever-evolving technological landscape, recent geopolitical tensions and expected growth in 2024. This has magnified the need for diversification within the supply chain and a robust second sourcing strategy. Semiconductor businesses need to be able to reuse and migrate their IP seamlessly between foundries. By […]

Stephane Cordova joins Thalia as Director of Sales Europe

We’re delighted to welcome Stephane Cordova as the newest member of our growing sales team, serving as Director of Sales Europe Thalia’s Global VP of Sales, Sou Bennani-McCord, says: “As a representative of Thalia, Stephane brings over 30 years of experience as a business executive in the semiconductor industry and brings expertise in EDA solutions, analog and […]

Welcoming our new Global VP of Sales

Thalia has appointed Sou Bennani-McCord as Global VP of Sales. An important addition to Thalia’s leadership team, Sou will play a key role in the company’s ongoing expansion plans and global growth. Thalia’s Founder and CEO, Sowmyan Rajagopalan, says: “Sou brings over 25 years of experience in international sales and business development to Thalia having […]