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Supported IP design applications

Thalia’s AMALIA software is the key to unlocking the full potential of your analog, mixed-signal and RF IP designs for a variety of applications. Whether you’re optimizing PLLs for communication systems, designing Power Management ICs for energy-efficient solutions, or developing sophisticated Readout ICs for sensors and detectors, AMALIA provides the tools you need to innovate and excel.

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Technologies and foundries

Qualified on the latest 12nm FinFET technology, and established CMOS processes from 22nm upwards, we are committed to continually extending AMALIA’s capabilities to the latest technology nodes.


AMALIA’s tools can be applied to a wide range of technologies and process nodes, from 350nm down to 12nm and everything in between. 








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Why partner with Thalia?

With Thalia as your expert partner, you’ll harness the power of streamlined analog, mixed-signal and RF IP design migration to enhance your company’s agility, cut costs, and significantly speed up your market entry. Find out who we work with and how we can help your business.

IP vendors

Streamline IP creation, amplify market reach

For IP vendors, AMALIA accelerates the process of IP creation and licensing. Streamlining these processes allows for a rapid response to market demands and a quicker realization of revenue opportunities.

  • Streamlined process for IP creation and adaptation
  • Cost reduction in IP development and licensing
  • Swift market entry to stay ahead of competition

Fabless semis

Designing the future, one chip at a time

AMALIA empowers fabless semiconductor companies with the tools needed to navigate design migration across foundries, driving innovation with reduced time-to-market and operational costs, and diversifying product portfolios for technological leadership.

  • Enhanced time-to-market for new product launches
  • Operational cost savings in design migration
  • Diversified product portfolios to maintain market leadership


Your partner in manufacturing excellence

In the competitive foundry space, AMALIA stands as a key differentiator for foundries needing to stay ahead of technology shifts and maintain a competitive edge. AMALIA enables foundries to offer enhanced IP migration services, making them strategic partners in their customers’ success by optimizing efficiency and adaptability.

  • Enhanced IP migration services for customer support
  • Competitive edge through efficient, flexible solutions
  • Reduction in time to market, costs, and resource allocation for clients


Design optimization for new technologies

For IDMs with portfolios of legacy designs, AMALIA offers a comprehensive suite of tools for efficient design process optimization. Facilitating the migration of existing designs to new technologies and reducing both costs and time to market.

  • Streamlined design migration for legacy and new technologies
  • In-house design optimization across various technological platforms
  • Significantly reduced operational costs and time to market

Design houses

Crafting custom solutions with precision

Design houses turning concepts into reality benefit from AMALIA’s seamless integration into this process. AMALIA offers the same flexibility and precision Design Houses are known for, ensuring your designs meet client specifications with unmatched efficiency and reliability.

  • Tailored design solutions for varied client requirements
  • Precision in design optimization and migration
  • Competitive edge in design service offerings


Fast-track innovation, from concept to market

Start-ups poised to revolutionize the market can utilize AMALIA to validate and scale their innovations. Transition from a successful Proof of Concept to a robust Proof of Market with AMALIA’s advanced design migration tools.

  • Rapid technology transition for market validation
  • Cost-effective design migration solutions
  • Accelerated path from concept to market readiness

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