Thalia’s AMALIA qualified on 12nm FinFET technology

Thalia has announced the qualification of its AMALIA platform for 12nm FinFET technology, marking a significant step forward in analog, mixed-signal and RF IP design migration. This qualification enables customers to capitalize on the latest in advanced process technology and accelerate time to market for new products without compromising on cost and resource efficiency.  

“FinFET technology delivers substantial performance benefits and enables more efficient scaling in semiconductor devices. This is crucial given the shift towards increasingly smaller technology nodes and transistors,” says Sou Bennani-McCord, Global VP of Sales at Thalia. 

“Leveraging FinFETs, our customers are engineering devices that are not only smaller and more efficient, but also significantly more powerful, all while ensuring compatibility with a variety of technology nodes. This versatility is key for applications spanning from automotive to IoT, AI and ML, and more, positioning our customers at the cutting edge of electronic design innovation.” 

AMALIA offers a smooth and reliable IP migration cycle helping semincondor companies maintain competitiveness by adopting state-of-the-art process technologies, like 12 FinFET. It also enables them to speed up their product development cycles, while staying on budget and remaining efficient operationally. 

By combining an automated IP migration flow with design expertise, the AMALIA software suite simplifies the transition to newer technologies giving customers the flexibility to broaden their product portfolio and extend their market reach in the most efficient way. 

The AMALIA platform has a proven track record, with validation across more than 50 IPs in domains ranging from RF and Baseband to PMIC and PLL/ADC, many of which are already in commercial use. The addition of 12nm FinFET technology into AMALIA’s capabilities reinforces Thalia’s dedication to innovation and its commitment to ensuring its customers remain at the forefront of technology. 

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