Thalia and Dolphin Design announce partnership

Transforming analog IP re-use economics and accelerating time to market

Advanced IP re-use plus technologies employ advanced AI algorithms and targeted automation with smart design methodology to improve outcomes and to reduce the resource costs of analog IP portfolio development

Cwmbran, UK, Grenoble, France 4th September 2020. Thalia Design Automation, experts in targeted automation for analog and mixed signal design and IP reuse, and Dolphin Design, a leading company in semiconductor IPs and  platform solutions, today announced a partnership transforming the way IP portfolios are expanded and managed, delivering new IPs to market faster and more cost-effectively than through conventional processes.

The partnership has already seen Thalia’s targeted automation platform, AMALIA, deployed alongside its experienced analog design and migration experts, to deliver power management and audio IPs supporting respectively Dolphin Design’s SPIDER and BAT platforms during the last 12 months. Thalia’s unique trifecta of design expertise, its proprietary technology analyzer and targeted automation enable project delivery up to twice as fast as a conventional design process.

The initial phase of the partnership has delivered 12 power management and audio IPs in various process nodes and flavours that enabled Dolphin Design to improve market penetration by expanding its portfolio of analog IPs using Thalia’s technology and expertise.

Philippe Berger, Dolphin Design CEO, said: “Conscious of the explosive growth in IoT, mobile and automotive, we decided to focus our in-house design teams one hundred percent on delivering innovative new IP designs for customers. Thalia’s AMALIA platform and its experts frees up our engineering resources to design future IP generations and helps us grow into new markets through a wider panel of technological nodes, as well as to consolidate our position. The partnership with Thalia allows us to expand our IP portfolio and to achieve a faster Time-to-Market, while improving our innovation capabilities.”

Sowmyan Rajagopalan, Thalia Design Automation CTO, said: “To date, our partnership with Dolphin has been hugely productive and we are excited to move on to the next phase.  Our AMALIA platform takes IP re-use to the next level – what we are calling IP re-use plus – allowing clients like Dolphin Design to benefit from cost-effective technology analysis, coupled with design and targeted automation tools that enable us to deliver specified features and performance with precision and against challenging time-to-market and cost requirements.”

About Dolphin Design 

Headquartered in France, Dolphin Design, previously known as Dolphin Integration, is a semiconductor company employing 160 people, including 140 highly qualified engineers.

They provide differentiating platform solutions built on state-of-the-art IPs and architectures, customized by unique system level utilities to deliver fast and secure ASICs, either designed by or for their clients. These platforms are available for various technological processes and optimized for Energy Efficient SoC Design.

Alongside their clients, now exceeding 500 companies, they focus on human, inventive and long-term collaboration to enable them to bring products, powered by innovative and accessible integrated circuits that minimize environmental impact, to the hands of billions of people every day. In consumer markets including IoT, AI and 5G, and in high reliability markets, they unleash SoC designer creativity to deliver differentiation.

Tell them your biggest dream. Dare the impossible. They tech it on.

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