AMALIA 24.1 releases with support for 12nm FinFET alongside major enhancements to its Circuit Porting and Technology Analyzer tools

Thalia, a leader in analog, mixed signal and RF IP design migration, today announced the release of AMALIA 24.1. This latest version of the company’s efficient IP reuse and migration platform includes the recently announced support for 12nm FinFET technology and Circuit Porting simulation comparisons. Also introduced in this update is a summary report within AMALIA’s Technology Analyzer software. Using this report, key decision makers can quickly access the critical information they need to choose the right process technology nodes and optimum devices, streamlining the decision-making process.

“Integrating support for 12nm FinFET technology into AMALIA was an important step forward in ensuring our customers have the capabilities needed to use advanced process technologies,” explained Syed Ahmad, VP of Product Development at Thalia. “FinFET technology is crucial for developing semiconductor devices that are not only smaller, more efficient, and more powerful but also designed to meet the stringent requirements of advanced technology nodes. This enables their use in a wide range of applications, from consumer electronics and automotive systems to the Internet of Things.”

In addition to the support for 12nm FinFET technology, AMALIA 24.1 offers simulation comparison capability within its Circuit Porting tool. With this feature included, IP designers can not only port designs to new process nodes, they can also simulate and compare the outcomes of the original and ported designs, using their preferred simulator tool and see if any further adjustments are needed. This reduces the requirement for multiple iterations and saves design porting time.

A new feature included within the AMALIA 24.1 release is a report that provides a summary of the in-depth results from AMALIA’s Technology Analyzer findings.

“This latest enhancement to our software suite uses AI to provide a concise summary of key findings and recommendations taken from the standard report which, due to its comprehensive nature, can be hundreds of pages long. This drastically reduces the subsequent analysis time by providing the most relevant and critical information in a format that is quick and easy for senior designers and key decision makers to understand and make informed decisions,” Syed Ahmad explains.

The release of AMALIA 24.1 reflects Thalia’s dedication to supporting the semiconductor industry’s evolving needs, by not only maintaining up-to-date technology support but also by innovating and enhancing the user experience through new features that simplify complex processes.

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