Thalia’s AMALIA Technology Analyzer de-risks Analog IP reuse for major IP houses and IC manufacturers

Comparing process technologies before commencing migration enables IP houses and IC manufacturers to establish the business case for targeted portfolio expansion 

Cwmbran, UK, May 18th, 2021 Thalia Design Automation, an IP reuse company and experts in the development and deployment of automation solutions for Analog & Mixed Signal IP Reuse, today announced further upgrades and enhancements to its Technology Analyzer.


This latest iteration of the platform means Thalia can better support IP houses to assess process technologies parameters that impact on their portfolio expansion. Much of the effort involved in migrating an IP from one technology to another is associated with qualifying the IP in the target technology. If a block fails to meet the requirements in the target technology, the IP/IC’s performance would be sub-optimal.


The Technology Analyzer is part of a suite of solutions offered by Thalia and sits in parallel with its AMALIA IP reuse platform. Combining the design expertise, proprietary advanced methodologies and AI embedded in the AMALIA platform with this latest upgrade to the analyzer tool, early assessments of the validity of IP migrations is easier than ever.


“The Technology Analyzer has always been an integral part of our unique offering to clients, and this latest iteration of the powerful tool is the next step in its evolution,” said Sowmyan Rajagopalan, Thalia Design Automation CTO. “Understanding the impact and influence of technical parameters on the migration process will always be vital to successful migrations. We’re delighted with this latest upgrade that enables business case and commercial modelling to be undertaking for our clients to assess the value in a migration before committing resource.”


Discussing a recent engagement with this identification of differences, Frédéric Masson, Director of Power Management Solutions at Dolphin Design, said: “We needed to migrate an existing Analog IP to a 22nm process with a tight deadline and a set of key characteristics that had to be addressed. Thalia deployed its Technology Analyzer to assess the device characteristics in the target technology and rapidly determine the best porting strategy to meet critical performances. Combined with Thalia’s AMALIA IP reuse platform, we have been able to anticipate technical issues in the porting and ease the migration within a shorter development cycle.”


Thalia is continuing to evolve and develop its suite of tools and platforms to deliver the best possible results for IP houses and IC manufacturers while harnessing the power of AI alongside its expert team of design engineers and advanced methodologies.


Download our new white paper to understand more about Thalia’s Technology Analyzer here:


About Thalia Design Automation

Thalia Design Automation, an IP reuse company, is expert in targeted automation for analog and mixed signal design and IP reuse. Thalia’s AMALIA IP re-use platform migrates, improves and optimizes existing IP for new technologies and applications. Our customers – IP houses, Tier 1 players and foundries – can leverage the platform to re-use and diversify their product ranges quickly and cost effectively to meet ever-changing market demands. Our highly skilled design engineers and advanced methodologies combine with AMALIA’s AI algorithms to deliver outstanding efficiencies in the analysis, design and verification stages of IP re-use. The result is a reduction in development time of up to 50%, allowing our clients to react quicker and more effectively to changing market demands.

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