Circuit Porting

Navigate IP migration with assured accuracy

Migrating IP designs quickly and accurately

Complex analog, mixed-signal and RF IP circuits demand a reliable design migration solution.

AMALIA’s Circuit Porting (CP) tool streamlines the transition of designs to new process nodes, minimizing unexpected variations and ensuring that up to 70% of IP blocks fit target parameters without alterations.

When combined with AMALIA Technology Analyzer, CP offers a comprehensive porting solution that can dramatically reduce design cycle times by up to 50%.

Key benefits

Enhanced design reliability

Maintains schematic placement and floorplan, preserving the integrity and reliability of the original design during the porting process.

Time and cost efficiency

Delivers design cycle time reductions, enabling significant cost savings and faster time-to-market for IP projects.

Simplified user experience

The familiar user interface streamlines the migration of complex IP circuits, making the process quick and straightforward.

Risk mitigation

Proactively identifies and resolves potential layout deviations, ensuring a smooth transition to the target technology with minimized risk.


  • Intuitive UI for porting: A highly intuitive user interface simplifies the task of instance replacement and rerouting.
  • Enhanced routing and review: Smart routing functions prevent common layout issues, supported by tools for interactive editing.
  • Automated mapping and analysis: Device mapping auto-generator recognizes device types and accurately maps terminal parameters, underpinned by robust comparison reports.
  • Simulation-ready designs: Direct comparison between the simulation results of original and ported designs ensures functional integrity.
  • Database integrity verification: Database checks before and after porting help maintain a clean design database, streamlining the migration process.

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Circuit Porting in action

Rapid Tier1 to Tier2 migration analysis for 13 PMIPs facilitates second sourcing approach

Thalia’s partnership with a leading IP company to evaluate the potential migration of 13 Power Management IPs (PMIPs) from Tier1 to Tier2 40nm CMOS technology has set new benchmarks in pre-migration planning efficiency with a 75% reduction in time against a standard manual analysis.

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