Thalia successfully completes 20th 22nm analog IP reuse engagement

Successful completion of 20 analog design IP migration into 22nm technology node demonstrates a robust platform for efficient and cost-effective porting

Cwmbran, UK, 4 March 2021. Thalia Design Automation, a leading IP reuse company and experts in targeted automation for analog and mixed signal design and migration, today announced the successful completion of its 20th analog IP portfolio migration into the 22nm technology node.

This milestone demonstrates the potency of Thalia’s AMALIA platform – particularly in migrating analog IP to 22nm.  Using the AMALIA IP reuse platform, Thalia is able to reduce the number of iterations required to reuse an IP in a new technology or node. The data generated by the platform informs how similar or dissimilar the base and target technologies are, allowing Thalia to plan and drive the IP reuse process more efficiently. The result is that the process delivers solutions 30-50% more quickly than conventional approaches.

The 22nm node fits perfectly with analog and mixed-signal applications mainly for audio and power management analog IPs. Migrating to 22nm delivers significantly lower leakage and boosts performance and Thalia enables its clients to benefit from this, swiftly and efficiently migrating analog IP to the 22nm process. In doing so, they help them to leverage the power and performance benefits of the node and expand their IP portfolios cost effectively.

“This milestone is a testament to our unique approach to IP migration,” said Sowmyan Rajagopalan, Thalia Design Automation CTO. “Many companies can offer design expertise in migrating analog IPs, but our unique combination of experienced designers, targeted automation through the AMALIA platform, and advanced methodologies means migrations can be successfully completed in less time, saving our customers time and money. By reducing the cost to reuse IPs, the barrier that impacts the decision to move IPs from one technology / node to another is reduced. With an efficient IP reuse solution, more companies would be able to address the full spectrum of market opportunities; that’s what Thalia delivers.”

Thalia has applied its unique combination of experienced analog design resources and innovative automation methodology to products using a wide range of technologies and process nodes. Thalia has a proven track record of delivering designs in cutting edge applications and in advanced technologies, and in some of the industry’s most demanding application areas. Thalia’s solutions are available as a service.